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Fibre Corrugated Roof Encapsulation System

Asbestosafe® will Safely, Economically and Professionally solve your Asbestos
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The Key Benefits of the Asbestosafe® System:-

  • No Asbestos Removal
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fast, Safe & Strong
  • Minimal Disturbance
  • Addresses Condensation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Guaranteed!

How Asbestosafe® Works

Most profiles can be overlaid and the standard profiles (6 & 3) are readily available, other profiles are subject to manufacture, most at no extra cost. The average top side thickness of is 35mm/1¾” which provides stability & strength and as a rule, cuts out the need further costly reinforcement inside. The finished flat insulated surface is then waterproofed with a high performance felt roofing system. The colour of the finished surface is green or grey depending on the time of the year (the different colours corespond to different fixing characteristics). There is also a choice of 10/15 year fully guaranteed systems....

Get a FREE No Obligation Quote

Asbestosafe® - Get a FREE No Obligation Quote...!
In order to keep costs to a minimum and continue to maintain our low carbon footprint we do not do individual pre-visits instead opting to provide our clients with comprehensive quotations by email, based on the data supplied to us on our enquiry form including location and basic description of roof & problem. We always aim to respond to new quote requests by return and always also include a copy of our comprehensive information pack which is designed to answer any additional questions that those new client's may have...